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BOCCEBREW - Bocce Ball Pleasure

The Sonoma Index Tribune   Friday May 28, 1999

Bocce ball pleasures

The sport of bocce ball has taken off in America.  Bocce ball leagues are finding more people are signing up to participate than courts available.

     The ease of learning to play bocce ball makes it a sport that people of all ages (from children to grandparents) and abilities can play.  It can be taken to any level desired through technique and strategy.  Competition as well as laughter and fun are all part of the game.

     Bocce ball is an ancient sport going back to the summerians in Babylonia.  It evolved and spread through the Roman empire and came to America with the Italian immigrant families.

Bocce ball is played in North and south America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.  It is part of the international "special Olympics," and has been recognized as a sport by the international Olympic committee.

     Bocce ball courts are being built by wineries, retirement homes, restaurants, park and recreation facilities, bocce clubs and individual back yards.

     For an exciting and hilarious time, seek out a bocce ball court (or have one built) and enjoy the pleasure of the sport.

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