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  A lawn is a thing in your backyard that requires mowing, weeding and fertilizing. Replace it with a bocce court and you have a party.
  David Brewer, a San Rafael, California landscaper, has installed more than thirty bocce courts in backyards, parks and wineries over the past three years. He's turned a lot of lawns into parties since the day he discovered bocce in a friend's backyard five years ago.  "Everybody had a glass of wine and a good time," Brewer said.

Bocce is a game in which players roll large colored balls down a flat, rectangular course.  Players master strategy and touch to get their four balls as close as possible to  the target ball or pallino.

It sounds simple, but mastery of  the game is elusive, resulting in camaraderie and endless competition for bragging rights.  The ancient game is growing in popularity because it is a fantastic social "icebreaker" that anyone can play.

A court can be installed in nearly any yard.  Brewer started with a weed-choked patch of land in his own back yard. "I looked at it and said, 'I'm going to put a bocce court here,'" he says.

Installation costs run between ten and twelve dollars per square foot. Unlike a swimming pool or putting green, the upkeep expenses are minimal.  Brewer's court  survived El Niño.

Brewer builds courts of varying size depending on the customer's yard and budget. He's built regulation size courts for parks but recommends smaller courts for most individuals.  "You can have as much fun and as much competition no matter what the size," Brewer says.