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First Bocce ball Player

Out of the mists of time (when tyrannosaurus was no longer Rex and humanoids still filed their knuckles with pumice), a rounded stone bounded down an earthen track and struck the polished ball joint of a tribal elder's hip who had died the previous Spring.  A tumultuous grunt went up from the assembled hirsutes;  Bocce was born!

From Samothrace to Samarkand, from Silesia to Siberia, the fame of the game did spread.  The vicissitudes of  bocce were mirrored in the fate of the great:  Julius Ceasar  ("et tu, bocce?"),  and Judah Ben-Hur, who, it is said, preferred bocce to chariot racing, and was  a standout in the Red Sea League for thirty-five years.

Bocca Ball History

Today, in this era of babies who went boom in the night, bocce has arrived - distilled over the centuries like rare amber ready to enlighten and ennoble, humble and humiliate, soothe and satisfy.  But the words of perhaps the greatest player the game has known, Machiavelli,  say it best:


 "Let's a-play a-ball!"






Drawing by Mark Symmes.
   Drawing by Mark Symmes.